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Post by Admin on Wed Jun 17, 2015 10:38 pm

The Face in the Mountain

They had almost missed it.

The face, so perfectly humanoid, rough and weathered as the rock itself, could have easily passed as a natural formation, a trick of weather and shape to make the mountainside look like an image. The illusion was made all the more complete by the narrow waterfall that ran past one cheek, spilling into a pool below where two outcroppings funneled the water west. It was only when Cadra decided to go swimming in that pool that she realized the shocking truth.

What she had thought were outcroppings were in fact a pair of massive legs, unnaturally round and smooth, and thick as a house. The mountainside above them was a pair of arms - she could see, vaguely, the shape of fingers and a hand under the thick coat of moss. The cliff wall behind... that was its chest. And the face, the face was real - pocked and marked with ages of wear, but still solid. The human figure sat against the mountainside like a man resting against a wall.

Further investigation verified what she had already begun to suspect: this formation was in fact a golem of immense size, perhaps fifty or sixty feet tall when it stood upright. An access hatch in the golem's leg, likely one of many, revealed a lattice of strange runes etched underneath what was essentially armored plating. This was a magical construct of enormous power, left here for unknown ages until its chance discovery.

It was aged, old, and in unknown condition. Moss and earth had covered much of it, and the magic was strange. Salvaging or restoring it would be a major effort. But if it could be acquired...

The Ancient Golem
Cadra has discovered an ancient golem the size of a small fortress, hidden in plain sight at the headwaters of the river. When operational it was likely an engine capable of destroying even the strongest defenses. Now the choice had to be made: what was to be done with it?

Salvage the Golem
Repairing and operating this ancient wonder is sadly a lost cause. Rather than waste time and resources on such a futile effort, let us salvage what we can from it.
-- Spend 2 Population and 15 Gold Salvaging the great golem.
-- For the next 3 turns, you will get 4 Stone, 5 Divinity, and 5 Gold a turn from Salvaging.

Excavate the Golem
The possibility of controlling the Golem is simply too great. We must excavate the site: remove the earth and moss and send experts to study the runes and magic so that it may some day walk again.
-- Spend 1 Population and 10 Gold to excavate and study the golem.
-- With study and excavation you will learn what is necessary to reactivate and control the golem yourselves.

Destroy the Golem
This thing is an abomination of destruction that will only cause death and despair if it falls into the wrong hands. Destroy it now.
-- Spend 5 Gold to pay workers to destroy the golem irreparably.

Leave the Golem
We have no interest in some land-walking construct from ages past, leave it.
-- Leave the golem alone. Others may find it and make other choices.


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Post by Cadra on Fri Jun 19, 2015 6:58 pm

Cadra found herself frustrated with the recent encounter with Marai. She was glad to have found an ally, but it also sparked an enormous amount of unrest inside of her. "Who else is out there that we don't know about?"

She had no choice, she rode south to explore. Typically she would inform the city guard. Maybe her father at least. But this time she found her horse, Erse, and rode on.

After a long travel, she knew both she and her horse needed rest. She heard the faint sound of water running and directed Erse towards it. Erse, tired and thirsty, didn't need much compelling to head towards the water source.

Cadra dismounted and sat near the pool of water. After cautiously sticking her hands in to study it, she jumped in head first. The water was cool, refreshing, and yet.. magical? She couldn't put her finger on it until she finally surfaced from the water. It was only from that perspective inside the pool that she could finally grasp the enormity of her surroundings.

"A golem?!" She said aloud. Erse looked at her briefly and resumed drinking from the cool water.

"This could be just what the Kingdom needs in this strange time. Father must know at once."


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Post by Cadra on Fri Jul 03, 2015 10:07 am

Cadra was wearing thin. She was grateful that her father agreed to have the golem excavated, but that also meant added responsibility on her shoulders. She knew, though, that this would ultimately be for the benefit of her people. At least that's what she hoped.

Cadra's most trusted advisor, Joaca could see the toll that traveling back and forth to the excavation site was taking on her. Even when Joaca insisted that Cadra take a break from the project, Cadra still put her foot down. She felt it her duty to oversee the Golem issue to ensure the safety of her people.

"You realize, your grace, that there are even more matters to attend to in these harried times," Joaca quipped.

Cadra barely looked up from her work. "Hmm.. yes."

"There are borders we should protect. And while I agree the Golem is of great importance to Mahogany Kingdom, having strong allies will also serve us well."

The mention of the Golem finally perked Cadra's attention. "Yes, we do need allies. And strong ones. I have made contact with an interesting new group to the south. Who would have expected birds? We... (she paused) No, you should travel to the southern bay. I have heard rumors of gnomes there. The more allies we have on our coast the better."

That was the most Joaco had been able to get Cadra to speak all day. Cadra immediately returned to her drawings and schematics.

"I will travel south, your grace, and report on the situation with haste. Try to take a break. Maybe have a festival while I'm gone..."


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