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Post by IAMTHELIZARDQUEEN on Mon Jun 22, 2015 11:01 pm

Tikal. The name sent sparks through her scales, from her head to the tip of her tail.

Once before, it had been the ancient Imperial Capital, where the Emperor reigned over all of Sotek's vast domain. Now, the territories retained had withered to include only the few dispersed lands still struggling to hold on.

And yet, these nominal ranks and titles continued to have power, even here in this untried new world.

Queen Issri— Empress Issri— would be the first. No woman had even worn the crown without a male counterpart.
Empress of Sotek… It would no doubt be ground shaking. She was to be the glorious rise of the sun upon the Empire. Restore the lands and expand. The Tikalan people would right songs of her reign, her great efforts to carry on the will and the spirit of the old Lizardfolk.

Ambition seized her for a moment. She took her head out of the clouds, and grounded herself once again.

It was as if the entire city's populace had come out to witness this curiosity. Soldiers milled about alongside common folk, and a buzz of activity and excitement permeated the air.

A racing heart hammered against her ribcage, along with it came a mixture of fear, an emotion that she was not used to feeling, pride, and excitement.

As she gazed towards the massive Pyramid that dominated the city center, it was not pride that coursed through her, but rather caution. Drums sounded, and she approached the base, squinting to view the figures, situated like statues atop its peak. Instantly she recognized Uaxmal, standing a head taller over his brethren, a golden crown held within his hand. As she began her climb to assume her destiny, the fires of her ambition were once again lit, stepping up into the clouds once more.

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