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Post by Ravigen on Tue Apr 14, 2015 10:57 am

Faction Name: New Asselian Empire

Race: Elves
Long Lived: All Elven heroes start with an additional rank.
-- Slow Lives: Elves gain population at 10 food instead of 8.

Leader: Empress Artas Orleann

Capital: New Arsun

Description: A sprawling city at the base of a great Mountain, New Arsun was named for the old capital before the great migration to the new world.

Hero: Artas Orleann, Empress of Asselia.


General: I


Priest: I

Deity: Ilalu, Goddess of Valor

Source: Valor - +3 divinity for fighting a battle, +2 divinity for every 1,000 troops the enemy outnumbers you by (if you are outnumbered).


Resurrection - May raise dead Heroes (or others, if you want) for 15 divinity, provided you have their corpse and they died within the last 2 turns.

Hellfire - A bolt of hellfire descends from the skies above, striking an area with burning flames. Costs 4 Divinity.

Last Stand - Your deity's presence stokes the resolve of your people in a desperate strait, inspiring them to fight to the end. For every 5 divinity you spend you may inspire a single regiment (1,000 soldiers) fighting against a superior number of enemies. For the rest of the battle these troops are unbreakable, and will follow any orders, including charging superior enemies or fighting to the death.

Holy Light - A burst of holy light brightly illuminates an area and blinds those within it, while also causing great damage to any undead or demons in the location. Costs 4 Divinity.

Point Distribution:

5 points locked resource, Difficult Ground village to Fertile Ground Village +6 food

5 points of iron

1 points of stone.

1 point for 2 extra gold

3 points for Mint construct

History: The Asselian migration to the new world was one fraught with danger and death, after the Second Sundering Ilalu descended to warn her people of the impending doom of Allis, she opened a portal for them to escape the destruction of their world. The refugees from Allis left with mostly what they could carry and upon exiting this new world they were almost immediately set upon by monsters and demons, the Asselian royal army fought bravely, protecting the refugees as they fled to the safety of the mountains, many dying in the process.

Upon their arrival, the city of New Arsun was founded by the survivors upon a discovered sacred site which they immediately dedicated to Ilalu and gave thanks to her divine providence and help. The Founding of the New Asselian Empire also saw a merging of the noble and priestly classes as both sides began to merge as one. The Asselian nobility dedicate their training to that of serving the Empress and the Royal family with almost fanatical devotion as they dream of rebuilding a glorified and unified Asselian Empire in the new world.


Asselian Swordmasters

Medium Armor 2 gold/1 iron
Handweapon & Shield - 1 Gold / 1 Iron
Professional - 3 Gold
Total Cost: 6 gold and 2 iron

Asselian Shieldwall
Medium Armor 2 gold/1 iron
Spear & Shield - 2 Gold
Professional - 3 Gold
Total Cost 7 gold and 1 iron

Asselian Archers
Light Armor 1 gold
Bow 2 gold
Professional -3 gold
Total cost 6 gold

Imperial Paladins
Heavy Armor - 3 Gold / 2 Iron
Handweapon & Shield - 1 Gold / 1 Iron
Elite - 4 Gold

Total cost 8 gold/ 3 iron

Asselian Imperial Knights
Heavy Armor - 3 Gold / 2 Iron
Handweapon & Shield - 1 Gold / 1 Iron
Armored Cavalry - 3 Gold / 1 Iron
Elite - 5 gold
Total cost 12 gold and 4 iron

Asselian Rangers
The Asselian Rangers are the scouts and explorers of Asselia's empire, these elite soldiers dress in light armor for mobility while wearing mottled cloaks that make it exceptionally easy to remain unseen in the mountainous regions they call home. The Rangers are skilled with bow and sword and use ambush tactics against their enemies, attacking from numerous locations at once to confuse their targets.
Light Armor 1 gold
Bow and Handweapon 2 gold and 1 iron
Elite Training 4 gold
Scouts 2 gold

9 gold and 1 iron.

New Asselia  Asseli10

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New Asselia  Empty Re: New Asselia

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Capital: Sacred Site
Village 1: Good Ground
Village 2: Gold Ore
Village 3: Fertile Ground

Hero Trait:
Artas Orleans - Grizzled Veteran Follower (+[I] General rank)


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