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Post by Vaklu on Tue Apr 14, 2015 2:02 pm

Faction Name: The Reforged
-- Stone-craft: Dwarves get +1 resources from all mines (gold, silver, iron, stone)
-- City folk: Dwarven villages cost 12 Gold and 2 Population to found.
Leader(s) (need not be the same as Hero): Master Priest-Smith Govan Blackfyre
The last scion of clan Blackfyre Grandson of the revered Varric who once was host to the divine spark of Frystingumyrkur.

Capital Ungal-Korgin
Description: The Temple city takes up several caverns and is built vertically as much as it is horizontally. Outsiders are strictly forbidden from entering the new home of the dwarves. Any that are found are given to the priests and their utter lack of tender mercies.
Other Cities (if owned):

Hero (Name, description and stats): Fire-Eye
The Grand-Master of the order of the Faceless. Fire-eye is equal parts warrior and priest.  He is the most vocal of proponent of the need to spread the dark word.

Warrior: I
Piety: I


Deity Name: Frystingumyrkur
Source: Sacrifice - +2 Divinity for each point of population sacrificed. +5 Divinity for each rank and/or special ability a sacrificed hero has. Sacrifices may be from your own faction or prisoners from another, but sacrifices must be made at a temple.
-- Divine Forgery - Your smiths can enhance the power of artifacts by infusing them with divine power. For 10 gold, 4 iron, and 10 Divinity you may boost the power of a magical artifact, giving it another trait or rank and making it so that your deity always knows the location of said item. The additional power or trait is related to your deity's other powers and the purpose of the artifact. Spending extra Divinity may result in additional bonuses, but Divine Forgery may only be done once.

-- Miasma - Cover a modest, tactical area with a dark miasma that chokes, and disorients anyone in the area and clouds their vision. The miasma burns the flesh of angels and similar creatures. Costs 4 Divinity.

-- Natural Deity - Your deity connects with a natural environment and influences it to aid your faction. Foliage and vines move aside, food is easy to find, and paths are always clear to see. Choose one type: MOUNTAINS. Soldiers can move through that terrain without penalty and meet their supply needs with foraging. When founding Villages in this terrain you have a slightly increased chance of finding more resources.

-- Demonic Aid - For 8 Divinity, call upon your deity to send a host of their servants to fight for you. The exact nature and equipment of your Host depends on your deity's other powers, but you will receive a regiment of either 1,000 elite units or who will fight for you for 1 turn. You may only have 1 regiment called at a time.

Description: During the second sundering the Demon Frostheart fused with the ancient deity of the dwarves. This new being would take a new name.The Freezing Darkness in the common tongue. The blood rituals that had always been central to the dwarf's faith would provide even greater dividends than ever before.

Culture: The priest-smiths rule every aspect of the Reforged. All priest-smiths wear ornate metal masks when in public. The reforged are a very regimented society with a very strict cast system. Though all a required to have some skill at arms so they might defend the

History: The kingdom known as the Black Mountain Empire came to the new world destitute. They had lived in the same halls since before the first sundering. When they marched through the portal a large portion of their forces stayed behind. Believing it better to die defending their home. The survivors  would settle in mountains once more. Upon entering the new realm the Demon that had been their emperor become one with their ancient god.

With their emperor gone the remnants turned to their priests. Thus began the rule of the smith-priests. They believed that their people had been transformed by their ordeals and because of this they declared themselves the Reforged.

Starting Resources:

5 Buy Points to give a hero another skill rank
7 Buy Points to begin with an additional district
5 Buy Points to begin with an additional village

Here There be Monsters: Demons or Monsters have either followed you or already infested the area where you settled. They will threaten travelers and explorers, attack undefended settlements and make life dangerous until dealt with.
+ 2 Points (Unintelligent)

Starting Location:
The Reforged  Allis

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The Reforged  Empty Re: The Reforged

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City: Verdant Cavern(Special)(+6 Food/turn or +1 Luxury)(Must control district to access, cannot be attacked without taking city)
Village 1: Good Ground (+5 Food/turn)
Village 2: Iron Ore (Infested by monsters)
Village 3: Lumber
Village 4: Stone (Dangerous area. Prone to rockslides)

Hero Trait:
Fire-eye - Insane: he's stark, raving mad. -[I] Subterfuge and -[I][I] Governor ranks. Causes fear in enemy soldiers in battle.

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The Reforged  Empty Re: The Reforged

Post by Vaklu on Tue May 12, 2015 7:30 pm


Tunnel Guard
When the Reforged go to war the Tunnel Guard make up the majority of their armies. Citizens above the age of 40 and bellow 120 are expected to drill with spear and shield regularly to keep their Holy city safe.
Armor: Medium Armor
Weapon: Spear & Shield
Movement: Infantry
Training: Militia
Total Cost: 5 gold, 1 Iron

Barbs provide the Tunnel Guard ranged support. Their crossbow bolts are tipped with wicked barbs providing their name.
Armor: Medium Armor
Weapon: Crossbow
Movement: Infantry
Training: Militia
Total Cost: 5 gold, 1 Iron, 1 Wood

Wearing blank stone masks these are the warrior monks of Frystingumyrkur who wish nothing more than to spread the dark word of their God.
Armor: Heavy Armor
Weapon: Handweapon & Shield
Movement: Infantry
Training: Fanatic
Total Cost: 7 gold, 3 Iron

Mountain Wardens
While the Tunnel Guard and Barbs make up the traditional might of the army, the Wardens guard the frontiers. Day in and day out they roam the mountains hunting bandits and the wild beasts that share the mountains with the reforged.
Armor: Light Armor
Weapon: Bow & Handweapon
Movement: Infantry
Training: Professional
Misc: Scouts
Total Cost: 8 gold, 1 Iron


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The Reforged  Empty Re: The Reforged

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