The Xai'Kifu Empire of the Kaizen

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The Xai'Kifu Empire of the Kaizen  Empty The Xai'Kifu Empire of the Kaizen

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Faction Name: Xai'Kifu Empire
-- Avian Flight: Avian units who wear Leather or are Unarmored may fly regional distances.
-- Brittle Bones: Avians take greater casualties in battle and injured Heroes have a harder time recovering
Leader(s) (need not be the same as Hero):
Emperor Xai


Other Cities (if owned):
Farming city: Shanbei
Gold city: 'Gold City/village' [Placeholder]
Silver City: 'Silver city/Village' [Placeholder]

Hero (Name, description and stats):

Hero Name
(Master) Jin Zhi

Brief An elder monk of great repute, his wisdom is often sought, both times of need, and of peace. Blinded from a young age, he is known to often speak (and be confused by) his peoples patron deity Kifu.
<Note, stats given include traits, Red is negative>
Hero Flaw: Blind
-[I][I] Martial, massive penalty to visual perception, slight bonus to nonvisual perception

Hero Traits:
Ascetic Follower: +[I] Piety

Balanced Body[Piety I]
HERO is practiced at not eating or sleeping more than necessary. May avoid eating or sleeping for several days without penalty.

Withdraw the Self - With meditation Master Jin has mastered the art of withdrawing himself from physical reality, becoming a shadow of himself. When he activates this ability he cannot interact with the physical world, but also cannot be interacted with.

Deity Name: Kifu
Source: Contemplation - Heroes get +2 Divinity/turn from Piety instead of +1/turn. All heroes may spend a turn Contemplating their Deity (doing nothing else) to gain another +3 Divinity.


-Second Source - You gain the first bonus from a second source of your choosing, but not any additional bonuses it provides. [Monument - Can construct 1 Monument in every city district for 2 Stone and 12 gold. Monuments grant +1 Divinity every turn, an additional +2 Divinity upon construction, and do not take up a construction slot in the district.

-Golem Servitors - Your priests may infuse a spark of divinity into inert matter, creating a Golem. You may recruit the Golem training type (golems have no morale and have the same movement/combat bonuses as giants, but cost gold, iron and divinity to "recruit")

-Divine the Heart - Your deity empowers priests to recognize the intentions of men they gaze upon. Provides a large bonus to catching or stopping subterfuge attempts within your Faction for 1 turn. 4 Divinity.

-Custom Power: Divine Guidance- Through divine guidance, heroes gain an additional trait every 3 ranks, as well as first. These traits are related to the triggering ranks, or the chosen rank at first level. This newly gained trait scales in power with the total ranks of the relivent ability.

Description: The Kaizen, are a group of Avian monks who prefer to live among the vaulted peaks of mountains. simple lives, enjoying both meditation, and forming close bonds of kinship. They live under the patient eye of their mountain deity Kifu, and the wisdom of of Emperor Xai.

Culture: Bonds are a critical part of the Kaizen's culture, among them it is not uncommon to adopt a close friend of your children into your clan. Or a long term business associate. By the time one reaches adulthood, it is rare that they have not gained belonging to over a dozen different groups. It is rare for them to sever such a bond, as most when they realize they must make a choice between performing a severing ceremony or reinforcing the relationship to make such a thing unnecessary, would rather do the latter. There isn't a stigma against doing so however, as sometimes a path once traveled down, can be pursued no further.

The second aspect of the people revolves around their relationship with their Deity Kifu. Most recieve regular visits, often in times of great decision where they will be guided into making a decision for themselves. Priest are those who most often recieve such visitations, and meditation can induce such a vision.  

The god Kifu's philosophy is deeply ingrained into their belifes as they try and deal with the four great burdens of all mortals. Conflict, Deception, Greed, and Understanding the Self. The first three are treated as a necessity, and sometimes (albeit rarely) a blessing.

Conflict is seen as being wasteful and destructive, and yet it is also viewed as a releasing of strife from within the soul into the world, where it can do less damage. Arguing with a loved one and being the closer for it is considered a postive conflict. The destruction and death found in war is considered a negative conflict.  

Deception, or the denial of truth is considered to go against the very nature of understanding, and yet to wield truth haphazardly is to use a surgions knife as a hammer as sometimes the truth will cause nothing but pain.

Greed is often contemplated upon, as it is often unclear at what point it becomes a burden. To desire everything is to deny everyone else. To want nothing is to deny yourself. And both are advised against by the tenates of Kifu, as to deny someone the ability to find happyness is considered a cruel act.

"The Self " is the most complicated and often the most meditated upon subject. Self discovery is the key to growth, and considered a vital part of living amongst the Kaizen.

They monks of Kifu spend long hours finding beautiful spots on the mountain, or often on the giant stauesto Kifu himself, and meditate on the four principals.

History:The history of the Kaizen was one of isolation for the longest time. In the old world they where isolated deep within their mountains, only meeting outsiders on the rare occasion.

In the wake of the cataclysm however they have recognized the need to interact with outsiders more directly, and among the people, they narrowed down a leadership amongst the more prestigous houses, Thus Emperer Xai, "The King of Wings" (A Wing being the formal name of a Kaizen Clan) became the rightful leader of his people.

Starting Resources:
Flawed Hero: Master Jin
Additional District @ Village. 7
Set Gold Deposit> 5 <capitol>
Set Gold Deposit> 5 <added district>
Star=Capitol Shogi
C=Village(Silver, Strange markings) <Note: Currently unworked pending investigation>

Starting Location:The Xai'Kifu Empire of the Kaizen  Kaizen10

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The Xai'Kifu Empire of the Kaizen  Empty Re: The Xai'Kifu Empire of the Kaizen

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City: Gold
City 1: Gold
Village 1: Good Ground
Village 2: Silver Ore (Strange markings at site)

Hero Flaw: Blind
-[I][I] Martial, massive penalty to visual perception, slight bonus to nonvisual perception

Hero Trait:
Ascetic Follower: +[I] Piety


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The Xai'Kifu Empire of the Kaizen  Empty Re: The Xai'Kifu Empire of the Kaizen

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Templates Used: 1/6

Kaizen Skirmisher
The most common soldier type among the regular Kaizen, They have a combat doctrine that attempts to maintain low casualties, and harassing enemies instead of engaging outright. Traditionally they have dealt more with wild beast, and the uncommon raiding party than true open warfare. 
Armor:Light (1g)
Weapon: Bow (2g)
Movement: <Infantry>
Training: Militia (1g)
Total Cost:4g

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The Xai'Kifu Empire of the Kaizen  Empty Re: The Xai'Kifu Empire of the Kaizen

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