The Kingdom of Ontaré

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The Kingdom of Ontaré Empty The Kingdom of Ontaré

Post by Paxar on Sun May 17, 2015 6:32 pm

Faction Name: The Kingdom of Ontaré

-- Devout: Human Shrines and Temples provide an additional +1 Divinity/turn
-- Corruption: Human factions have a penalty defending against espionage actions.

Leader(s) (need not be the same as Hero): Enann Kath the Devout, Priest-King of Ontaré, The Lady's Chosen

Capital Haven

Description: The city is built like a fortress with high stone walls dotted with guard towers surrounding the inner districts and central castle. Bold blue banners marked with the Lady's insignia fly from the parapets.

The inner city is master planned and well maintained. The citizenry is well cared for, and visitors are welcomed but watched closely.

Other Cities (if owned):

Hero (Name, description and stats): Paxar Oathsworn
Chief Paladin of The Lady's Guard. Paxar is the beloved general of Ontaré's army. He spends as much time training his troops as he does on missions of charity providing for the surrounding villages.

General: I

Hero Name: Umbra Sacia
Umbra leads the little-known branch of Ontaré's forces called The Lady's Blade. She specializes in subterfuge and assassination. Very few people know of her existence, and even fewer know her by name. Primarily, her forces gather information, keep watch on suspected threats, and on very rare occasions carry out quiet killings when doing so would save lives on both sides of conflict. Umbra often chooses to take on such a burden personally.

Subterfuge: I

Deity Name:Lady Iusta

Source:Monument - Can construct 1 Monument in every city district for 2 Stone and 12 gold. Monuments grant +1 Divinity every turn, an additional +2 Divinity upon construction, and do not take up a construction slot in the district.

Divine Protection - Your deity is skilled at blocking the power and influence of others. Every turn you have 3 points in your Counter pool automatically.

Holy Light - A burst of holy light brightly illuminates an area and blinds those within it, while also causing great damage to any undead or demons in the location. Costs 4 Divinity.

Angelic Aid - For 8 Divinity, call upon your deity to send a host of their servants to fight for you. The exact nature and equipment of your Host depends on your deity's other powers, but you will receive a regiment of either 1,000 elite units or who will fight for you for 1 turn. You may only have 1 regiment called at a time.

Divine the Heart - Your deity empowers priests to recognize the intentions of men they gaze upon. Provides a large bonus to catching or stopping subterfuge attempts within your Faction for 1 turn. 4 Divinity.

Description: Lady Iusta, or simply The Lady, is most commonly depicted as a statuesque woman clad in shining plate armor with a shield and sword. However, it is considered blasphemous for any image of The Lady to ever show her sword drawn, as she commands her followers to exhaust all other avenues before resorting to war.

Culture: The Lady's Army rules over Ontaré, with the king acting as both head of state and commander-in-chief. However, it is a peaceful and prosperous arrangement. The Lady places the protection and prosperity of the people above all else. The Lady's followers understand that people need structure in order to flourish, but tyranny should never be tolerated. All citizens of Ontaré are, in fact, members of The Lady's Army. They are not all combat trained because some roles do not require it, and not everyone is cut out for such duties. The notion of inclusion, though, gives everyone a sense of unity and brotherhood. Charity is abundant within the walls of Haven, and there is very little crime due to well-trained guards and the focus on social welfare.

History: Ontaré was one of the last to escape the Second Sundering. They were warned well in advance of the impending collapse of the world, but were directed to stay behind and take in as many refugees as possible. Their forces scoured the surrounding lands for anyone fleeing the destruction until The Lady came to relocate the kingdom to the new world. A day of mourning is held each year for those still left behind.

Starting Resources:

7 buy points for additional hero
4 buy points for palisade
1 buy point each for population, stone, iron, and wood

Starting Location:
The Kingdom of Ontaré Ontare11

Unit Templates:
The Lady's Souls
The rank and file of The Lady's Army. Disciplined and dedicated to her cause.
Armor: Medium Armor
Weapon: Spear & Shield
Movement: Infantry
Training: Professional
Total Cost: 7 gold 1 iron -1 gold/turn upkeep

The Lady's Guard
Mounted paladins often used to intimidate enemies or bolster allies. Like their chief Paxar, they spend most of their time training for combat or engaging in charity work.
Armor: Heavy Armor
Weapon: Handweapon & Shield
Movement: Armored Cavalry
Training: Elite
Total Cost: 11 gold 4 iron -2 gold/turn upkeep

The Lady's Blade
Spies and assassins. They are rarely seen though their effects can certainly be felt.
Armor: Light Armor
Weapon: Bow & Handweapon
Movement: Infantry/Scouts
Training: Elite
Total Cost: 9 gold 1 iron -2 gold/turn upkeep

The Lady's Bow
Archers trained to support the infantry. Their strikes are precise and overwhelming.
Armor: Medium Armor
Weapon: Warbow
Movement: Infantry
Training: Professional
Total Cost: 7 gold 1 wood  1 iron -1 gold/turn upkeep

The Lady's Eyes
Scouts and watchmen. Equipped primarily for speed, they are not effective combatants, and are sometimes simply urchins trying for a better life.
Armor: Light Armor
Weapon: Bow
Movement: Light Cavalry/Scouts
Training: Militia
Total Cost: 8 gold

The Lady's Navy
Large masted ships designed mainly to carry people and cargo, but well-equipped for defense.
Hull: Cog
Units: 2 archers, 2 boarders, 2 marines
Total Cost: 4 gold 1 wood -1 gold/turn upkeep

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The Kingdom of Ontaré Empty Re: The Kingdom of Ontaré

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Capital: Iron Ore
Village 1: Good Ground
Village 2: Luxury (gemstones)
Village 3: Iron Ore

Hero Traits:
Paxar Oathsworn - Mage: Hero has overt but powerful magic such as hurling fireballs and casting protection spells. +[I][I] Warrior ranks.
Umbra Sacia: Slovenly (slight penalty interacting with nobility)


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