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Host of Whisperwing Fen Empty Host of Whisperwing Fen

Post by Haaken on Sat May 23, 2015 12:37 am

Faction Name: Host of Whisperwing Fen

-- Fey Wings: Sylph units who wear Medium, Light or are Unarmored may fly short distances.
-- Iron Allergy: Sylph cannot build Ironworks constructs.

Leader(s) (need not be the same as Hero): Fenlord Mith'aash

Capital Whisperwing
Description: A stilted city set aloft the swamplands of Whisperwing Fen. The low fog envelopes everything. It is cloying, and heavy, and never goes away. Twinkles of fairy light dance between the twisted boughs of trees, creating galaxies of pinprick light amongst the surrounding swampland.

Other Cities (if owned):

Hero :

Hero Name Fenlord Mith'aash
Fenlord Mith'aash gained his leadership role after outmaneuvering his political rivals. Infatuated with the excitement of court politics and espionage, he uses the information he garners as a source of power, both as a weapon and for protection.

Subterfuge: [I]



Deity Name: Kleng'aash

Source: Trickery - Gain +2 Divinity when you take a Subterfuge action that has potentially dangerous or unpleasant consequences for your Faction. Gain another +3 divinity if that action succeeds.

Natural Deity (Swamps)
Weather Mastery

Description: Devoid of any explicit gender, Kleng'aash is referred to as an "it" rather than either a masculine or feminine descriptor. Kleng'aash manifests itself in the form of mist, penetrating all nooks and crannies of an area, and capable of being witness to any conversation or act while remaining discernible from general fog or overcast climes.

The Sylphs of Whisperwing are a mysterious bunch with a borderline obsessive love for the mists and fog that surround their lands. They are highly emotional creatures, feeling intensified bouts of pleasure or anger, and have an insatiable curiosity and love for mischief and deceit which lends to their habit of eavesdropping on the words of others, sneaking about where they probably shouldn't, and joyously slaughtering whatever angers them. In times of conflict the Sylphs will look for anything that may give them an advantage. Honor and fairness isn't among their concerns, for them if you find yourself in a fair fight you need to reconsider your tactics.

The Sylphs of Whisperwing are humanoid creatures with pale skin and the swirls of blue-purple fey energy roiling beneath their flesh. All graceful lines and curves that capture an innate beauty, this beauty is contrasted by the angularity of their mantis shaped wings which lend an appearance of bestial ferocity.Their relatively petite frames belie the resilience given them by their lean muscles and hardened form. Despite a slight advantage in strength over the common man, the Sylphs favor using their agility and reflex to avoid a straight fight.


Starting Resources:
2 Additional Districts = 14 Pts (1 remainder point, combined with HTBM 4, for 5 in order to get village)
1 Village -5
Here There Be Monsters (Intelligent) +4 Points.

Starting Location: Whisperwing Fen (The peninsula jutting into the southern portion of the central sea, near the location of swamp and tree tiles)

Unit Templates:

Will do the templates later.

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Host of Whisperwing Fen Empty Re: Host of Whisperwing Fen

Post by Zurajai on Sat May 23, 2015 1:53 am


City: Iron
Village 1: Iron
Village 2: Tribe
Village 3: Good Ground
Village 4: Ironwood (Special)

Here there be monsters (Intelligent): Those Below

Starting Hero Trait:
Priest: Always accompanied by a faithful priest. +[I] Piety


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