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Mahogany Kingdom  Empty Mahogany Kingdom

Post by Cadra on Sun May 24, 2015 9:20 pm

Faction Name: Mahogany Kingdom
Race: Merfolk
Leader(s) (need not be the same as Hero): King Rassan

Capital Crystal Cove
Description: Crystal Cove is built adjacent to the shoreline of a natural lagoon. There is a perimeter surrounding the shoreline of the lagoon which clearly marks the beginning of the territory. This perimeter is more for claiming resources which rightfully belong to the King, but it would be naive to say that the wall was not intended for protection from those who might do harm. The perimeter wall is constructed of harvested coral which is interwoven between the Mahogany trees which line the coast.

Other Cities (if owned):

Hero (Name, description and stats): Cadra Moontide
Daughter and only child of King Rassan. Cadra has spent her life serving her father and her people. Her family is much loved by the population of Mahogany Kingdom, especially after the tragic accident that left the Queen dead. While Cadra is devoted to her land and its inhabitants, she also wishes to explore life outside of the cove and learn about other cultures.

Governor: I

Deity Name: Maréi
Source: Festivity
Blessing/Curse of Fertility
Bountiful/Poor Harvest
Weather Mastery
Obscuring Mist


Maréi is the beloved god of the Mahogany Kingdom. She controls the sea and her followers believe that all life stems from the water. Followers pray to her for blessings on their land and protection from any aggressors. While Maréi is often benevolent and open to inhabitants of other lands, she is not afraid to curse those who might cross her or harm her people.

The people of Mahogany Kingdom are happy and cheerful. They work hard to protect the physical beauty of their land, but they also play hard as well. Every week is an opportunity for a new holiday or celebration. Most of their celebrations are to honor their god Maréi and give thanks for the lush habitat.

Mahogany Kingdom was once void of any inhabitants. Maréi quarreled with other gods about how land dwellers were destroying the natural beauty of all of her creations. One day she happened upon a stranded vessel in the water. The crew pleaded with Maréi that if she granted them mercy then they would stop pillaging the region for its resources. In exchange, Maréi turned them into Merfolk. Preservation of Mahogany Kindgom has been always been a central pillar in the faith of the followers of Maréi

Starting Resources:

Lock in Coral Reef (-5 buy points)
Lock in Fertile Ground (-5 buy points)
Barracks (-3 buy points)
4 divinity (-2 buy points)

Starting Location:

Unit Templates:

Archers provide the most commonly trained skill within the Kingdom. They are taught extreme precision and have an innate knack for landing within their target zone. Though they can be deadly, most archers will choose warning/disabling shots if they are uncertain of intent.
Armor: Light Armor
Weapon: Warbow
Movement: Infantry
Training: Professional
Total Cost: 6 Gold/1 Wood
1 Gold/turn Upkeep

The infantry is the last line of defense in the Mahogany Kingdom. Defense is widely focused on ranged prevention and diplomacy when possible. Therefore, infantry typically has very little real world training with hand to hand combat. They are, however, extremely dedicated to protecting their lands and people at all costs.
Armor: Medium
Weapon: Spear and Shield
Movement: Infantry
Training: Militia
Total Cost: 5 Gold/ 1 Iron

Light Cavalry
Light Cavalry are always scouting the borders of Mahogany Kingdom and seeking out new possibilities for expansion settlements. They are very agile in the water and on land. They are also no stranger to skirmishes, though they prefer to be unseen. Primary mode of transportation varies depending on the terrain. In water, light cavalry members utilize dolphins to increase their swim speed. On land, they prefer to travel by horse.
Armor: Light Armor
Weapon: Bow and Handweapon
Movement: Light Cavalry/Scout
Training: Professional
Total Cost: 9 Gold/ 1 Iron
1 Gold/turn  upkeep

Armored Cavalry
Armored Cavalry are expertly trained riders who are committed to dying for their kingdom. In water they ride massive hammerhead sharks. On land, they storm through the terrain on battle-ready stags. They are a force to be reckoned with.
Armor: Heavy Armor
Weapon: Pike
Movement: Armored Cavalry
Training: Elite
Option: Warbeasts
Total Cost: 15 Gold/ 3 Iron
2 Gold/turn upkeep


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Mahogany Kingdom  Empty Re: Mahogany Kingdom

Post by Admin on Sun May 31, 2015 1:13 pm


Capital: Coral Reef
Village 1: Fishing Waters
Village 2: Fertile Ground
Village 3: Fishing Waters

Hero Trait:
Mana Burned - This character has been scarred by hostile magic. Greatly reduced resistance to magical effects.


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