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Post by Admin on Mon May 25, 2015 12:01 am

-- The destruction of Allis after the Second Sundering took roughly 20 years. Your Faction may have evacuated at any point during that time depending on how far away from the epicenter and how willing they were to abandon their homeland.

-- Factions begin in a new world, and do not immediately know about distant lands, terrain and peoples. They have an idea of the general direction other factions are in, but must explore and send emissaries to discover details.

-- The Divine Realm where the gods live is known to be flush with magical power and inhabited by demons, angels, and demigods as well as gods themselves. The realm is shaped by the will of its inhabitants - gods, and strong willed mortals, can shape their own "demi-realms" within the Divine Realm.

-- Every mortal to enter the Divine Realm so far has gone completely insane or achieved godhood. Or both.

-- Technology is roughly equivalent to the high medieval period, but may vary between factions.

-- The New world is roughly the size of Europe or a continent.

-- If you do not state where your soldiers are being stationed in your turn actions they remain in the barracks or fort that houses them.

-- If you're trading with a nation you're automatically getting basic intelligence on them and their actions thanks to merchant and traveler gossip and interaction. (e.g. where their cities and villages are, what nations they have contact with, if they build new areas or raise an army, if they're at war or have an alliance with someone, etc.)


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