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Post by Admin on Mon Apr 13, 2015 12:00 am

Protection: Block hostile powers while consuming protection points equal to the cost of the hostile power.
-- As long as any Protection points remain, any incoming hostile powers are neutralized.

Use Power: Use one or more divine powers
-- Divinity cost is  determined by the power(s) used

Empower Deity: Empower your deity in a great ceremony that will give them another power.
-- Cost is 10 Divinity x the number of powers you currently have.

Raise Levies: Raise Levies from your settlements to fight for your faction in times of need.
-- Villages and Districts with Levies raised do not produce tax income or produce resources (Including Production building bonuses). Once a levy unit is demobilized or destroyed in battle it may not be raised again for 2 turns. If the unit was destroyed, you do not gain tax income or production from the settlement until the 2 turn period is finished.

Recruit Regiment Train and equip a regiment of soldiers to fight for your Faction.
-- Spend 1 Population to recruit up to 2 Regiments for their Template Cost(s)

Build Ship: Construct a warship and train its crew for addition to your navy
-- Cost equal to your Ship template

Build Construct: Build a construct in one of your cities.
-- Requires 1 Construct Slot in a District, plus an additional cost determined by the Construct.

Found Village: Found a new village to harvest resources for your faction.
-- 10 Gold, 2 Population

Create New Unit Template: Create a new ship or regiment type for your armies.
-- 8 Gold

Develop City/District: Develop a Village into a City, or add a District to a city you already control
-- 5 Gold, 1 Stone and 1 Population for every District you already have.

Recruit Hero: Recruit a Hero with rank in a skill of your choice.
-- 10 Divinity and 5 Gold for every Hero you already own.

Explore Region: Scout a region and note what resources or terrain it holds.
-- 5 Gold to explore a region (Hex and adjacent hexes). Requires a Hero or Regiment of soldiers.

Trade Agreement: Establish a Trade agreement with another Faction.
-- Both Factions must take the Trade Agreement action with one another during the same turn. Each Faction makes 2 gold/turn, plus 1 gold/turn for every luxury resource it has. Trade Routes can be by land or sea. Each faction has 1 trade route as long as they have any settlement, acquiring more trade routes requires constructing trade buildings in a city.

Subterfuge: dirty deeds that need to be done.
-- PM Moderator with your action. Spending Gold or sending a Hero with Subterfuge ranks increases the odds of success.

Note: This list is not exhaustive! Ifyou have an idea for something you want to do, PM or contact a Mod and talk it over. We can probably work out a price and effect for what you're trying to do.


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