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The Grey Masters of Ku-Wahi'Kahu Empty The Grey Masters of Ku-Wahi'Kahu

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The Grey Masters of Ku-Wahi'Kahu Kraken10

Faction Name: The Grey Masters of Ku-Wahi'Kahu (called Ku-Wahi'Kahu or simply Ku.)

Ku'Ano Merfolk
-- Semiaquatic: merfolk can swim long distances, fight as infantry in water, and exploit resources in shallow water.
-- Water-bound: Merfolk settlements must be built adjacent to rivers or bodies of water.

The Grey Masters (Hina'Rangi) - The Grey Masters of Ku'Wahi'Kahu (Hina'Rangi-o'te'Ku'Wahi'Kahu) are the governing body and pseudo-nobility of Ku-Wahi'Kahu. Their position as governing body and nobles of the realm come from their close connection with Mawar o'te'Raro. The Grey Masters serve as intermediaries, priests, and enforcers from Mawar to his chosen people and have since the saving Pau'la when they first were uplifted by Mawar from the suffering they were subjected to. The Grey Masters, as such, are afforded great privileges by both the population of Ku-Wahi'Kahu and their god Mawar. The Grey Masters are universally wealthy and live with the highest standard of living out of any. This, beyond their simple powerful positions, is much to do with their position as Wights, the Wairua, closest to Mawar who are considered both his divinely chosen sons and daughters as well as martyrs, for they will never know the soothing embrace of the depths.

The Stygian Edifice (Kahu-ali'Haku)

Kahu-ali'Haku, or the Stygian Edifice, is the sprawling capital of the Grey Master's realm. The vast metropolis was one of the earliest founded in the new world and as such is exceedingly extensive and was built perfectly for it's inhabitants. In place of alleyways, roads, and paved streets there are canals, waterways and channels. The city itself is made of materials unheard of elsewhere; corals, whale bones, and basalt cut from the sea floor form the spiraling towers of the Stygian Edifice. It's unique architecture would seem almost alien to those not born of it's twisting passages yet fits the needs of the Ku'Ano Merfolk perfectly.

Tuah Tama'Ranga o'te'Ku-Pama - Tuah tama'Ranga o'te'Ku-Pama; Tuah, born of Ranga, of the Bloodied Palm. Tuah was born to a whale hunter and his mate, a child of the deep as any Ku merfolk. The life of the young boy was stolen from him by Te'Waka o'te'Rapa when his father was lured to his demise by the devilish false idol with both Tuah and his mother abducted by the spurned deity and his cruel followers. Under the lash of Te'Waka was Tuah and his beloved mother tortured endlessly, subject to all the cruel temptations Te'Waka could devise for himself. The abject suffering poured over his mother saw her go to the soothing embrace of the deep prematurely, leaving Tuah alone to the pain of Te'Waka's malice. Nearly a year in Te'Waka's grasp saw the beautiful scales gifted unto Tuah by Mawar discolored and bruised; what was once vibrant hues reduced to pale shadow of former beauty. The scars of Te'Waka's torture dug deep and stained Tuah with his malice far deeper than any cut. It was when the False Idol's final torture was unveiled, the resurrection of Tuah's mother, that the boy's very essence rebelled at his imprisonment. The thing that Te'Waka paraded before Tuah as loving mother was smashed to bloody pulp and every follower of Te'Waka in his hateful coven was slaughtered, to a man, as recompense for the tortures wrought upon the boy's frame. Te'Waka, gleeful with what he had borne through spite and cruelty, cursed Tuah with one last never ending torture so that he may forever remember his greatest sin; the scales on his palms would be eternally stained arterial red, dripping with the lifeblood of his mother. In his shattered mind Tuah knew the only answers for his pain were held in the hearts of those who had harmed him and his beloved mother. Taking the name of his mother as matronym, Tuah at last freed himself from the dungeons of Te'Waka to see the ocean for the first time in over a year.

Free at last, Tuah returned to the Stygian Edifice a shade; fury burning in his heart till nothing else remained except for a great hole torn out by Tuah himself. This vengeful apparition unleashed the very horrors he had received at the hands of Te'Waka onto all those he saw fit: murderers, thieves, and especially those who chose to follow in the False Idol's footsteps were strewn up in macabre masterpieces of brutality for all to see. When word came to the Grey Masters that such a creature existed the choice to act was unanimous; whatever it was, it had to be destroyed. The hunt for Tuah lasted nearly a month as Wights and their undead minions scoured the labyrinthine city for the vigilante-monstrosity that was o'te'Ku-Pama. Like a cornered beast he fought when finally they came for him in his lair, torn from stronghold by the smoking limbs of the Wights whom hunted him to be dragged in front of Mawar himself to pass judgement. Mawar, in all his benevolence, bore into the doomed soul of Tuah and sewed a seed of hope; one that would refill the hole in the tortured boy's heart. By Mawar's decree Tuah was released, now named Chosen of Mawar, as the one who survived under the cruel ministrations of the False Idol Te'Waka. It was then that Tuah began his crusade, with the soothing love of Mawar filling the void inside him, to cleanse the world of Te'Waka and earn position as Wairua, Wight of Mawar.

Mawar o'te'Raro:

Raise Dead
Weather Mastery
Natural Deity (Coasts)
Mana Totem (Custom)

Mawar o'te'Raro, or Mawar of the Deep, is the benevolent yet enigmatic god of the Ku Merfolk, appearing as a tentacled humanoid resembling a hybrid between devilfish and Merfolk. It was Mawar, in his benevolence, who rescued and uplifted the ancestors of the Ku'Ano Merfolk and changed them to thrive in the horrors unleashed upon them by the false idol, Te'Waka o'te'Rapa. Despite the perceived benevolence of this undersea god it is his personality that greatly adds to the concept of dualism in Ku Merfolk culture. Though thoroughly perceived as a benevolent god many of his actions can be construed as violent and it is this very nature of their god that has shaped the culture of his followers.

Ku Merfolk culture is centralized around the dualistic nature of the deep and how it applies to every day life; the general population of Grey Master's realm are highly spiritual and equally superstitious. It is believed that Mawar, their primary deity, is in no way the only or even most powerful spiritual entity; no doubt this has been supported by the happenings of both the first and second sundering. Instead, Mawar is simply their patron deity who saved them from the pains caused by Te'Waka o'te'Rapa. Every object in the entirety of creation, it is said, carries it's own mana. Mana, the spiritual conceptualization of an energy force that gives strength and power to those who have it, is the core belief used to structure the happenings of the world. Everything and everyone contains it, even if in small portions, and it's pervasive nature gives powers to those who seek it.  Following the dualistic spirituality followed by the Ku merfolk, mana can be attained in two general ways; the path of mana-atua and the path of mana-tangata.

The path of mana-atua is the path of divinity, expressed as actions of interpersonal interactions and self-introspection which leads to the gathering of mana through peaceful means. These are perceived as such actions as marriages with those with great mana, strong unions between individuals to the point of forming pseudo-familial bonds, and demonstrations of personal growth in different skills or arts. In balance with the path of mana-atua is the path of mana-tangata or the path of mortality. This path is defined as actions of violence and mortal necessity, such as the consumption of creatures or plants believed to hold great mana themselves. A powerful warrior can grow in mana through defeating skilled opponents openly and honorably and thus grow his own mana with the skill and prowess of his defeated opponent. In some extremes, those following the path of mana-tangata will attempt to gain mana through the consumption of their defeated foes who have most exemplified power and greatness; a grisly practice that is rarely seen though goes generally unpunished. It is noted, however, that to rely on one path solely will lead to one's loss of mana through failure to meet the balance of existence; the mana of a great warrior may wax after defeating a powerful foe but wane when he fails to show his prowess through means beyond sheer violence.

An important quality within Ku Merfolk cultural tradition is that of being skilled in a profession; be you an artisan, warrior, fisherman, or sailor it is expected for all to carry with them a skill. After all, such a profession will determine your ability to gain mana for yourself. Beyond the spiritual implications, a skill is important in the political nature of Kahu-ali'Haku; without a profession one's ability to secure personal wealth and station will be lacking greatly. Such socio-economic position is important within Ku Merfolk society and defines the social circles you belong to; having wealth through personal skill will lead to possible marital unions that could lead both parties to gain mana through mana-atua. This self imposed stratification is not one of oppression, however, as the only group with true power are the Grey Masters themselves; a position beyond such petty concerns as wealth and familial unions.

One of the most important practices within Ku'Ano culture is the act of naming. An indivual Ku'Ano's name is one the most defining, important portions of their identity. The first name received is the literal identity of the individual, such as Ko. The child receives it's name at the very moment where the pregnancy is recognized. This name is added to at birth with a patronym if male or matronym if female, such as Ko Tama'Haki with Tama defining the following name as belonging to the individual's parent. From then on, the individual will hunt for the most defining trait of their identity; their epithet. This name is defined with the term o'te' roughly translating to "of the" and is followed by a word associated with an action or trait the individual is well known for. An example of a full name is Ko Tama'Haki o'te'Maika-i; Ko, child of Haki, of the Kind Heart. Even after the earning of their epithet Ku'Ano names will continue to grow with great actions perceived to grant the individual mana. These many names will be forever marked upon the scales of the individual merfolk in the form of stained-scale tattoos that depict each name through highly stylized art. The greatest warriors in history will have their huge portions of their body dyed black with depictions of the foes they have bested and the great deeds they have accomplished.

Of considerable importance to Ku'Ano Merfolk culture is that of personal attire. Clothing not only shows your status in society but also your profession and how well accomplished you are at it. Such attire comes in many forms, many articles being specific to the profession of the wearer; most notably is the hapa-Kihe'i or half-cape. This unique piece of clothing is the sole propriety of warriors and soldiers and to even fight in a battle earns an individual the right to wear one. This cape is draped over the left shoulder and hangs down across the left portion of the wearer's torso down to their waist with slight variation in length common. The most simple of these capes are woven from water resistant materials and simply decorated with shells or the feathers of sea birds. As a warrior grows in skill his hapa-Kihe'i will grow in complexity as larger shells are added, bones are worked into the design, and even trophies taken in battle will be woven into the cape's form. The greatest of warriors wear vibrantly colored capes woven from many materials that dazzle the eye and immediately inform those who behold them of their wearer's prowess as a warrior.

Before the coming of Mawar it is said that the Ku'Ano were once blessed with exceedingly long life, great beauty, and bountiful gifts heaped upon them by their deity Te'Waka. This civilization of elves lived peacefully in near constant bliss as their powerful god granted them every wish they made and all were said to smile as his bright features illuminated the world. There came a time, however, when such smiles were to be taken away. Legend says that one day a hermit, whom had sequestered himself away from the Ku'Ano due to some slight in his past, came to Te'Waka with a most terrible wish; bring about a great wave that would destroy the city and it's followers. Te'Waka, borne of pride for his power, could not refuse the old man and gave him his wish. A great tsunami lifted itself from the depths to crash upon the city of the elves in a show of destructive force the like the faefolk had never seen. With the devastation wrought upon his people, it is said, Te'Waka broke; perhaps the cataclysm brought out his terrible true self or fractured the deity's perception of reality through sheer guilt for what he had done. At first the deity attempted to regather to him his followers but was rebuked for his part in their destruction. It was then, when the Ku'Ano stood upon the precipice of death, that Mawar ascended from the murky depths to be savior to the elves. With their deity having abandoned them Mawar offered them a choice; to die as they were or to live free of the tortures of the sea. The choice was clear and the blessing of Mawar was felt by every man, woman and child as each and everyone of them felt themselves altered to forms befitting the state of their home; the Ku'Ano merfolk were born from the ruins to rise anew. Though not as long lived as they once were, they had attained a new beauty as the children of Mawar.

Whether or not the legends said of the Ku'Ano are true it is well known that several centuries after the fall of Te'Waka and the coming of Mawar the council of the Grey Masters, the Hina'Rangi. As were all gods before the Sundering, Mawar could old manifest himself rarely and the Grey Masters became his voice on the mortal plane. These beings were the closest to Mawar, chosen for their skill and devotion and granted the gift of immortality through Wighthood, Wairua. These powerful beings were as saints to the Ku'Ano merfolk and served as intermediaries between their patron deity and his chosen people.

Military Templates

Fanatical warriors of Mawar who seek glorious deaths to join Mawar in the soothing embrace of the depths. They ecstatically throw their lives away to take as many of their foes with them, jagged coral blades and deadly hooks tearing through the enemy before they themselves fall to the blade.
Armor: Medium Armor (2 Gold, 1 Iron)
Weapon: Great Weapons (2 Gold, 1 Iron)
Movement: Infantry
Training: Fanatic (3 Gold)
Total Cost: 7 Gold, 2 Iron. 1 Gold/turn Upkeep

Haori'nui'Pa are the professional soldiery of the Grey Master's realms, bound in service to the Grey Masters for twenty years. With war as their profession, the Haori'nui'Pa form the core of Ku'Ano armies. As comes with experience and dedication, the Haori'nui'Pa are well trained and well equipped to combat the foes of the Chosen of Mawar.
Armor: Medium Armor (2 Gold, 1 Iron)
Weapon: Handweapons and Shield (1 Gold, 1 Iron)
Movement: Infantry
Training: Professional (3 Gold, 1 Gold/turn)
Miscellaneous: Throwing Weapons (2 Gold)
Total Cost: 8 Gold, 2 Iron. 1 Gold/turn Upkeep

Known throughout the realms of the Grey Masters and even those without, the Parauri'He'e are the loyal retainers for life of their Wight rulers. Equipped in plates of hard shell and coral and carrying long polearms of pearl and scales, these warriors are the greatest the Ku merfolk have to offer. Driving before them as vanguard are their beasts of the depths, terrestrial black devilfish that turn tentacle and beak against those foes whom their pale eyes first fall upon.
Armor: Heavy Armor (3 Gold, 2 Iron)
Weapon: Polearms (2 Gold, 1 Iron)
Movement: Infantry
Training: Elite (4 Gold, 2 Gold/turn)
Miscellaneous: Warbeasts (3 Gold)
Total Cost: 12 Gold, 3 Iron. 2 Gold/turn Upkeep

Armor: Medium (2 Gold, 1 Iron)
Weapon: Bow and Handweapon (2 Gold, 1 Iron)
Movement: Infantry
Training: Professional (3 Gold, 1 Gold/turn)
Miscellaneous: Scouts (2 gold)
Total Cost: 9 Gold, 2 Iron)

Starting Resources:

  • Additional District -7
  • Additional District -7
  • Additional Village -5
  • Additional Population -1
  • Enemy Deity +5

Starting Location:
The Grey Masters of Ku-Wahi'Kahu BotHduI

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The Grey Masters of Ku-Wahi'Kahu Empty Re: The Grey Masters of Ku-Wahi'Kahu

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City: Whale Route
Village 1: Fishing Grounds
Village 2: Iron
Village 3: Iron
Village 4: Sacred Site

Enemy Deity: Te'Waka o'te'Rapa, god of indulgence.

Custom Power: Mana Totem - Mawar grants mana and power to successful warriors through the taking of trinkets and totems from fallen foes. Veteran Ranks are now Totem ranks. Totem ranks improve a regiment's morale by one rank, and provide a slight skill bonus as well. Totem ranks may be sacrificed for +1 Divinity per totem rank sacrificed.

Starting Hero Trait:
Destined One - Your hero has been marked as destined for some great task yet to unfold.


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