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Buy Points 19
Negative Buy: Enemy Faction - Indarins
-3  Construct Temple
-3  Construct Barracks
-3  Construct Naval Port
-5  Wood +4, Stone +1
-5  Improve Hero Rank (general)

Faction Name: Nornians
Race: Human
Leader(s) : Primarch Vakarian, Falkirk

Though Falkirk is the leader of the Nornians, Primarch Vakarian is the man who leads the people when the "Sword of Braton" is away from the city.  As Nornian society dictates, after a warrior reaches a certain age he retires into politics.  This is now the life of Primarch Vakarian, the title of Primarch being the leader of the governement.  A good man with only the advancement of the Nornians in mind, his role as advisor to Falkirk and as governor in his stead is one he takes very seriously.

Capital Arnin (formerly Indar)

When the Nornians first arrived they were lost for some time.  Their rations were running out and they needed a home.  Eventually they came across a city named Indar, where the Indarins lived.  The Nornians sought to speak with the Indarins, telling them of their strife and hoping to strike a deal.  The Nornians would attack their enemies, so long as the Indarins provided food and supplies.  The Indarins refused.

Left with no other choice, Falkirk led his Nornians against the Indarins in a desperate attempt to either find the end or find a home.  Never having heard of the Nornians, the Indarins believed them to be little more then rabble and didn't even close their gates against them.  Less than a week later, the Nornians had slaughtered or enslaved over half of the population, killing off all of the leaders and nobles.

Once under Nornian influence, the coastal city was renamed Arnin.

Other Cities (if owned):

Hero : Falkirk, the "Sword of Braton"

The title of "Sword of Braton" is a title the Nornians take very seriously.  This person is the closest living manifestation to Braton himself, and is the purest Nornian and greatest warrior.  Less a military rank, and more an anointed title, the "Sword of Braton" or just "The Sword" is revered by all and seen to be the future of the Nornians.  If they are not leading troops yet, they will be very soon.

Falkirk was a young man borne in battle and, apparently gifted by the gods.  At a surprisingly young age he was besting even the most experienced of soldiers, and legend had it he was decimating opposing forces on his own as simply as other men drew breath.  Though younger than most of his soldiers, Falkirk has the respect and admiration of all Nornians.

Warrior: 1
General: 1


Deity Name: Braton the Bold, the Courageous, the Brave, the Pure
Source: Strife
Powers: Mindgrip, Last Stand, Empower Champion, Divine Protection

Originally Braton was the only man in a village brave enough to face down a dragon that had plagued them.  He marched straight into it's lair and picked up the most intact sword from knights that had been sent to kill it that he could find.  He found the dragon, and with one blow, killed it.  According to legend, he was the only man to face the dragon that did not fear it.

Braton would go on to be a king for a while before finally ascending to god hood.  His people, lead by his Nornians, spread the word of Braton.  Many people latched onto his stories and teachings and before long the god Braton was on the same level as many other minor gods.  He watched as his people flourished, guiding them through priests from time to time.

The Nornians would change and adapt to Braton's needs, as he realized that the more they conquered in his name the more power he received.  Combat and military life became the norm, then did breeding only the strongest, purest Nornians, and shunning all others as inferior.  Truth is, not a single military force, or god, they've yet to meet has proven them wrong.


To outsiders the Nornians are seen as anywhere from grim, death seeking shells of men to arrogant glory hounds who are easily provoked.  As a Nornian, that is just not true.  Though Nornian culture is based on the warrior life, the people have adjusted to live their lives very well.  Nornian cities are rife with art and music, science and philosophy, and laughter and life.  During their "leaves" they live very well and passionately enjoy their lives and other pursuits, though every Nornian desires to fight for god and country.

Nornian life can be brutal, but from an early age each Nornian accepts this as a challenge to become a pure member of their society.  The trials of military training are just a way of life for them, and though the focus is combat, tactics, and physical perfection, the minds of the Nornians are also well developed.  They are regularly taught of the sciences, art, and philosophy.  This way every Nornian's mind is sharp enough for brutaly clever tactics and to think freely if given an assignment.

Trades such as farming and smithing are done by slave labor.  The Nornians make up an enormous fighting force while the slaves they acquire through raids and war are trained to do the work to keep their weapons and armor intact, and to support their infrastructure, and whatever other duties are required.  This trade off is seen as fair to most of the slaves and some other non-Nornians, as the Nornians themselves provide the protection and military force that defends them.

Though slavery is legal, cruel and harsh treatment of slaves is not.  Those enslaved by the Nornians live their lives relatively peaceful and can even purchase their freedom after a time.  Children of slaves are treated as non-Nornians, neither Nornian nor Slave, and typically take after whichever city or faction they belong in.  Any child, slave or free, may attempt to join the ranks of the Nornians if they (and their parents) wish.  However once they do they quickly shun their old lives for the new rank as Nornian.


Originally the Nornians were the Knights and protectors of the realm for, at the time, King Braton.  In the old tongue, "Nornian" roughly translates to "lion-man."  The symbol of Braton became a face of a mighty lion, and many of his warriors would don helmets with facemasks stylized as lions.

In the centuries after Braton's ascension, the word "Nornian" started taking on new meanings.  Instead of being just the elite, it was used for any military man.  As more of the population became trained in military tactics, the people started referring to themselves as Nornians, until finally whoever these people were before was gone.  Nornians were known throughout the old realm as fierce warriors who could quickly turn the tide of any battle.  One legend even suggests a unit of 50 Nornians turned what would have been a route into a victory against over a thousand enemy forces.

Constantly in some battle or another, the Nornians developed into a military state.  It was not unheard of for other factions to hire the Nornians to help do battle for them, but the Nornians never sacrificed the good of the State for a chance to join a battle.

Starting Resources: ?

Starting Location: at the top / top left of the large island continent on the top left of the map if I can

Unit Templates:

Longship - A flat-bottomed ship with square sail and open deck. Longships can sail up rivers and land on beaches without a port, and use either oars or sail as necessary. Their low sides put them at a disadvantage when boarding enemy ships. Longships cannot use siege weapons.
3 Gold, 1 Wood
Capacity: 4 (4 units of Marines)
No Upkeep

Unit Name Nornian Infantry
Young Nornians in leather armor with spears and shields.  Their good defense and flexibility, accompanied with a lifetime of training, make them a devastating fighting force.
Armor: Light (1gold)
Weapon: Spear and Shield (2gold)
Movement: Infantry
Training: Elite (4gold, -2gold /turn)
Total Cost: 7gold, -2gold/turn

Unit Name Nornian Skirmishers
Though the Nornian's believe ranged weaponry to be beneath them, into today's military it's a necessity.  Young Nornians are equipped with leather armor, a bow, and a sword in the chance (the hope) that the enemy gets close enough to use the latter.
Armor: Light (1gold)
Weapon: Bow and Handweapon (2gold 1iron)
Movement: Infantry
Training: Elite, Scouts (6gold, -2gold /turn)
Total Cost: 9gold 1iron  -2gold/turn

Unit Name Nornian Pikemen
While most armies employ pikemen do defend against cavalry units, only the Nornians have turned this basic defense into deadly offense.  Young Nornians with leather armor and pikes are a terrifying sight for any opposing force.
Armor: Light (1gold)
Weapon: Pikes (2gold)
Movement: Infantry
Training: Elite (4gold, -2gold /turn)
Total Cost: 7gold,  -2gold/turn

Unit Name Nornian Cavalry
All Nornians are trained in every form of combat, and in every type of terrain.  A soldier from an allied army, who knew little about the Nornians, once remarked that the only difference between their Cavalry and their Infantry is that "some of them have horses."  Though meant as a joke the Nornians took it as a great compliment.
Armor: Light (1gold)
Weapon: Spear and Shield (2gold)
Movement: Light Cavalry (2gold)
Training: Elite (4gold, -2gold /turn)
Total Cost: 9gold,  -2gold/turn

Unit Name Nornian Elites
Yes, even a fighting force known for being elite has those it looks up to.  Also known as the "Lion Men" and the "Red Cloaks," experienced Nornian fighters make up some of the heaviest hitters on the battlefield.  At the height of their prowess, just the presence of these soldiers was enough to make other armies break.
Armor: Medium (2gold 1iron)
Weapon: Handweapon and Shield (1gold 1iron)
Movement: Infantry
Training: Elite (4gold, -2gold /turn)
Total Cost: 7gold 1iron,  -2gold/turn

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Arnin (Fishing Waters)
Village 1 (Good Ground)
Village 2 (Wood)
Village 3 (Luxury: Pearls)

Hero Trait:
Heirloom Weapon: +[I] Warrior rank

Enemy Faction: Indarins


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