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Faction Name: Tecoya Clans
Race: Lizardfolk
-- Old Ones: The first Lizardfolk Hero begins with the Mage or Seer trait. Subsequent heroes have an improved chance of gaining the trait upon being recruited.
-- Primitive: Lizardfolk cannot build or maintain any siege weapons beyond Balista (including catapults and trebuchets) and cannot use the Catapult or Fire Siphon Ship components.

Leader(s) (need not be the same as Hero): Queen Issri, granddaughter of Queen Zuma (concubine of Emperor Citalmlin), has built a reputation that nearly equals that of her legendary grandmother. She lead her people through the portal during the Second Sundering, establishing the new Tecoya homeland in the aftermath. Through several small border wars, she has resisted Tikalan attempts to absorb her people and equally goblin attempts to extinguish them. Seers claim that Citalmlin's blood flows through her veins, giving her enormous magical power. Such notions have always been dismissed by the High Priests in Tikal, though whispers remain and they continue to grow louder as her feats continue to number.

Capital Imanje
Description: In the namesake of their original home, the Tecoya found the ruins of a city belonging to an unknown people, and claimed it as their new kingdom. Empty and overrun with with foliage, they built their small huts and homes along the swamps and placed their squares and markets among the old stone structures. The only new monumental constructions were of temples to their Goddess. Cities and villages are segregated by gender. Though it is not strictly enforced to remain separate, members of the society tend to prefer the company of those of the same sex, and so settlements have been generally formed around this characteristic. Most intermingling takes place in the markets.
Other Cities (if owned):

Hero (Name, description and stats):

Hero Name Queen Issri
Brief Granddaughter of the legendary Queen Zuma, Issri developed a fearsome reputation as a Warrior Queen and cunning strategist. She has a stunning seventeen cuts on her tail. While the Tikalan's use the shadows to their advantage, Issri leads from the front boldly. No man, demon, or goblin has yet to match her.
Warrior: I


Deity Name: Ximona, Goddess of the Storm; it is said that Ximona can call upon the soil to spring forth fresh crops and spread fertility, or can turn the wrath of nature upon those whom displease her She is known to have a short temper, and summons massive storms that hold the potential to submerge entire cities.

Source: Valor - +1-3 divinity for fighting a battle (1 for a Skirmish, 2 for small battle, 3 for major battle), +2 divinity for every 1,000 troops the enemy outnumbers you by (if you are outnumbered).


Weather Mastery - Your deity can command the weather in an area for a short time, clearing away clouds, causing rain and hail, shrouding the land in mist, evoking great winds, or even causing a thunderstorm to strike down enemies. The Divinity cost scales with area: a small area such as a battlefield or city costs 10 Divinity, while an entire region costs 25 Divinity.

Miasma - Cover a modest, tactical area with a dark miasma that chokes, and disorients anyone in the area and clouds their vision. The miasma burns the flesh of angels and similar creatures. Costs 4 Divinity.

Camouflage - A regiment of units melds into the terrain, becoming as one with it and nearly impossible to detect. Costs 3 divinity/regiment (1,000 units) and there must be terrain that is easily melded into, such as thick foliage or a rocky slope.

Natural Deity - Your deity connects with a natural environment and influences it to aid your faction. Foliage and vines move aside, food is easy to find, and paths are always clear to see. Choose one type of terrain such as plains, rivers, coasts, swamp or forest. Soldiers can move through that terrain without penalty and meet their supply needs with foraging. When founding Villages in this terrain you have a slightly increased chance of finding more resources. []JUNGLE[]


Culture: The Tecoya are a matriarchal society; Women fill the ranks generally reserved for males in most other cultures, such as Warriors, Industry Leaders, Spiritual Teachers, and Politicians. The men of the Tecoya culture are henceforth relegated to positions including hatchery and nursery workers, plantation laborers, and public works occupations like monument construction. Both genders are equal in the market, however, and a merchant may be either a man or a woman. Among the warriors there is a unique feature: tail splits. Warriors partake in a ceremony performed around the age of adulthood, when choosing their path. A warrior’s tail is sliced into with a sharpened ceremonial blade; The number of cuts she can endure will often correlate with a rank among the troops. However, there exists no direct relation between the number of splits and one's rank. Ranks are, in actuality, earned by individual skill and strategy. Families are far from nuclear. Males and females live in separate sections, and interpersonal relationships tend to form among those of the same gender. Males and females come together three times within the year to seek fleeting companionship, solely for the sake of mating. Eggs will be sent to a hatchery just hours after they are laid, and young lizardfolk children remain in nurseries until their gender can be determined. They are then sent to either a girls home or a boys home, where they will be raised by adults of the same gender, and worked into productive members of society.  


During the First Age, the Tecoya Clans were one of the many vassal states pledged to the service of the Sotekan Empire. Yet even in those days, centuries past, the Tecoya were regarded as an oddity. Isolated from the world, strange rumors emerged from the jungle that these lizardfolk were ruled by their females, that their warriors were women that were not content to simply hatch and raise their young, but possessed a ferocious hunger for combat and slaughter. The Tecoya proved their fearsome reputation during the Great Southern War with Forgehall, when Emperor Azhuoitl summoned his vassals for combat, it was the Tecoya whom answered the call with fury. It was here that they earned their reputation and cemented it as the elite warriors within the Sotekan Army, even threatening to supplant the Otomi as Emperor CItalmlin's bodyguards. Further links were forged with the Empire when Emperor Citalmlin took the Tecoya's legendary Queen as his concubine. To this day, it is said that the rulers of Tecoya carry '' divine '' blood through their veins. A fact that the priesthood in Tikal today has continued to outright ignore and has even hinted that such a suggestion is blasphemous.

Alas, the Sotekan Empire was not to last. The collapse was swift and sudden, the First Sundering scattering its people to the wind in a thousand pieces.  Demon hordes invaded Allis, slaughtering and forcing many of its people to flee. During the chaos known as the Fall, the Tecoya kept their independence, rebuffing Tikal's attempts to draw the lizardfolk back into their embrace. Nevertheless, the goblin threat remained and as such the two states have enjoyed a natural alliance based on mutual defense. The Second Sundering did what the Goblin armies could not. It drove the Tecoya from their jungle homes and through the portal that their god had created for their escape. The following two decades were bloody as the Tecoya struggled to assert themselves and survive in this new hostile environment. In a land plagued by demons, goblins, and monsters, it is perhaps a miracle that the Tecoya are still a people. Yet their fierce warrior traditions remain, as does their hunger for combat, and their long established links with Tikal and its '' Divine Emperor ''.

Starting Resources:

-- 15 Points:
-- Lock in Resource (STONE: 5 Points)
-- Lock in Resource (IRON: 5 Points)
-- Additional District (7 Points)
-- Weakness: Here There Be Monsters (+2 Points / Unintelligent)

Starting Location: Tecoya Clans Imanje11

Unit Templates:

Unit Name: War Matrons
Description: The traditional warrior women of the Tecoyan armies, the War Matrons are the backbone of the Clans and have forged a fearsome reputation fighting not only against the Goblins but their fellow Lizardfolk.
Armor: Medium Armor (2 Gold / 1 Iron)
Weapon: Handweapon & Shield (1 Gold, 1 Iron)
Movement: Infantry (0 Gold)
Miscellaneous: Throwing Weapons (2 Gold)
Training: Professional (3 Gold, 1 upkeep)
Total Cost: 8 Gold, 2 Iron, 1 Gold upkeep.

Unit Name: Huastec
Description: Guerilla warriors, the Huastec use the thick jungle terrain to their advantage. They are renowned for striking from cover, then closing with their serrated blades to slaughter their foes.
Armor: Light Armor (1 Gold)
Weapon: Bow & Handweapon (2 Gold, 1 Iron)
Movement: Infantry (0 Gold)
Miscellaneous: N/A
Training: Militia (1 Gold)
Total Cost: 4 Gold, 1 Iron

Unit Name: Ximona's Devoted
Description: Rejecting traditional clan affiliation and a life of motherhood, these women have dedicated themselves fully as warriors of Ximona. Ximona's Devoted do not breed or interact with outsiders in anyway shape or form, unless it is on the battlefield.
Armor: Medium Armor (2 Gold, 1 Iron)
Weapon: Great Sword (2 Gold / 1 Iron)
Movement: Infantry (0 Gold)
Miscellaneous: N/A
Training: Fanatic (3 Gold, 1 Gold upkeep)
Total Cost: 7 Gold, 2 Iron, 1 Gold upkeep

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Tecoya Clans Empty Re: Tecoya Clans

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Accepted, but you need to pick a specific environment for Natural Deity.

Capital: Stone
Village 1: Iron
Village 2: Good Ground
Village 3: Wood

Hero Trait:
Mage (+II Warrior ranks)


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