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Confederacy of Tikal  Empty Confederacy of Tikal

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Faction Name: Confederacy of Tikal
Race: -- Old Ones: The first Lizardfolk Hero begins with the Mage or Seer trait. Subsequent heroes have an improved chance of gaining the trait upon being recruited.
-- Primitive: Lizardfolk cannot build or maintain any siege weapons beyond Balista (including catapults and trebuchets) and cannot use the Catapult or Fire Siphon Ship components.
Leader(s) (need not be the same as Hero):

-- Ajaw Uaxmal: If there was a true architect of the Second Sundering, it was Lord Uaxmal. His plan to free Citamlin from his divine cage would lead him to defy the ruling High Council of Priests. Sacrifcing thousands in a dark ritual, at last, the void between worlds was ripped asunder. Since the release of Citamlin, Uaxmal's power within the Priesthood has only grown as one of Citamlin's chosen. He has overseen the re-establishment of the Old Sotekan Religion with Citamlin as it's one true god and is the chief architect responsible for relentlessly pursuing the polytheists whom continue to cling to the Old Ways.

Capital New Tikal
Description: It was said that when the settlers arrived, they found a ruined city waiting for them. It had been raised from the depths of the swamps, it's decayed buildings offering sanctuary for the exhausted refugees. Whether or not the story is true, New Tikal was the first settlement founded and took on the name of the old capital of the Empire. Tikal is the heart and soul of the Confederacy, the city has spread it's tentacles over a wide network. The neighboring villages all struggle to support the city and its eternal quest for expansion. Tikal is the seat of the Priesthood and its Divine God Emperor Citamlin.
Other Cities (if owned):

Hero (Name, description and stats):

Hero Name Tenoch
Brief Born of the same egg, Tenoch, and his younger twin Camaxtli have carved a name in blood from within the ranks of the Otomi. Raised since they we're hatchlings in the art of combat and stealth, Tenoch is a renowned for his cunning (and rumored sorceror), while his brother is known to be the brawn of the pair. Both Tenoch and Camaxtli are Uaxmal's daggers in the fight against the heritecs and those that threaten the Tikal.
Subterfuge: I



Hero Name Camaxtli
Brief While Tenoch is renowned for his guile, it Camaxtli that is known for his strength. It is said he once killed a carnosaur with his bare hands. His strength on the battlefield is matched only by his ruthlessness and while it is Tenoch whom lays the ambush, it is his brother Camaxtli that will often spring the trap upon their foes.
Warrior: I


Deity Name: Citamlin : '' The Fallen One ''
Source: Trickery - Gain +2 Divinity when you take a Subterfuge action that has potentially dangerous or unpleasant consequences for your Factoin. Gain another +3 divinity if that action succeeds.

- Polymorph - With your deity's blessing a select few can polymorph into the shape of another race. The Polymorph lasts for 1 turn and applies to enough agents for a single subterfuge action. Maintaining the Polymorph costs 3 Divinity/turn after the first.

Camouflage - A regiment of units melds into the terrain, becoming as one with it and nearly impossible to detect. Costs 3 divinity/regiment (1,000 units) and there must be terrain that is easily melded into, such as thick foliage or a rocky slope.

Natural Deity - Your deity connects with a natural environment and influences it to aid your faction. Foliage and vines move aside, food is easy to find, and paths are always clear to see. Choose one type of terrain such as plains, rivers, coasts, swamp or forest. Soldiers can move through that terrain without penalty and meet their supply needs with foraging. When founding Villages in this terrain you have a slightly increased chance of finding more resources. [] SWAMP []

Nature's Wrath - Your deity causes the land to rise up against an enemy. Rock-slides occur as they pass by, trees fall in their path, and food withers and dies before it can be foraged. Enemies within the region suffer increased attrition and reduced movement speed. 5 Divinity.




Citalmin. A mere reptile or a God? The mightiest sorceror of the First and Second Age had always sought to transform himself into the latter. It was said that his ascension to the Sotekan Throne was foretold by a falling star that would spell the worlds doom. During the events of the First Sundering, Citamlin became trapped within the Realm of the Gods for centuries while his Empire decayed, his people fighting amongst themselves. Seeking to restore the Old Empire to greatness, Ajaw Uaxmal freed Citamlin from his bonds. The opening of the portal once more plunged the world into darkness, unleashing hordes of demons that assailed the lizardfolk to no end. But little did the monsters know that they were infact playing into the sorcerors hands. Citamlin was able to harness the raw energy that was unleashed by the portal and ascend to true Godhood. With Allis being consumed by fire and destruction, Citamlin opened a new gateway for his people as the world died around them, determined to lead them to a new paradise. Little did the God Emperor know that more refugees of Allis wouldn't be far behind them.

The Lizardman emerged from the ashes of the Old World and the aftermath of the Second Sundering as a race that was on the verge of extinction. The mighty Sotekan Empire that had once dominated the world had been consumed by the Great Rift and thus Citamlin brought his followers to a new Eden. Yet the Lizardmen we're not alone. They were a race that had become hunted by its many enemies that Sotek had brought to its knees in the past. In this New World, the Citamlin's children were forced to blend into the shadows in order to survive. The swamps became their home, the grueling terrain and carniverous plants becoming their shield against their would be enemies, while the poisons harvested from the jungle would be their new weapons.

With their numbers dwindling, the Lizardman reorganized themselves into various small city states, the mightiest of which was New Tikal. The old pantheon of Sotekan Gods were cast down and replaced with a single deity : Citamlin.  Naturally, the old polytheists clung to their ways. A civil war erupted amongst the survivors, with Ajaw Uaxmal leading a brutal purging of the ''Unfaithful'' that lead to the deaths of thousands. Unable to muster their full might to deal with new threats, the Tikalan's have relied upon the Otomi to keep order. The feared warrior priests were once the bodyguards of Sotekan Emperors. Now these fanatical warriors have been repurposed to strike down the enemies of Tikal from the shadows and through cunning bring about a new age where the New Empire of Sotek can once again rise from the ashes and resume its place as its master.

Starting Resources:

- 7 Points (+ Recruit Hero)
- 5 Points (+ Lock in Resource: Iron)
- 7 Points (+1 District)
- Enemy Faction (+4 Buy Points)

Starting Location: Northwest of Forgehall (asp) in the swamps, bordered by forest.

Military Templates:
Unit Name Tikalan Legionaries
description: While the Sotekan Empire may have fallen, the army that made it so fearsome has not. The Legionaries have not changed since the conquest of Forgehall during the First Age and are still a force to be reckoned with.  
Armor: Medium Armor (2 Gold / 1 Iron)
Weapon: Handweapon & Shield (1 Gold / 1 Iron)
Movement: Infantry (0 Gold)
Training: Professional (3 Gold)
Miscellaneous: Warbeasts (3 Gold)
Total Cost: 9 Gold / 2 Iron / 1 Gold a turn upkeep

Unit Name Uaxmal’s Acolytes
description: Whether their remnants of the Second Sundering whom see Citamlin as a savior or indoctrinated since hatching, Uaxmal has filled the ranks of the Priesthood with fanatical disciples. They are unstoppable and hungry for combat, serving as the footsoldiers in Uaxmal's war with the polytheists.
Armor: Medium Armor (2 Gold / 1 Iron)
Weapon: Great Weapon (2 Gold / 1 Iron)
Movement: Infantry (0 Gold)
Training: Fanatic (3 Gold / 1 Gold upkeep)
Total Cost: 7 Gold / 2 Iron. 1 Gold upkeep.

Unit Name Jaguar Warriors
description One of the remnants of the old warrior societies that formerly made up Sotekan culture, the Jaguar warriors are made up of the young and uninitiated. What they lack for in training however they make up for with enthusiasm. If they prove themselve as brave warriors, then social mobility upwards within the caste system is all but assured.
Armor:  Medium Armor (2 Gold / 1 Iron)
Weapon: Spear & Shield (2 Gold)
Movement: Infantry (0 Gold)
Training: Militia (1 Gold)
Total Cost: 5 Gold, 0 upkeep, 1 iron.

Unit Name Hrasha Tribesman
description Once the Hrasha rose up in a great revolt, ultimately sparking the first war between Sotek and Forgehall. With Forgehall's defeat, the Hrasha were forcibly reintegrated back into Sotekan society. With the horrors the Empire suffered at the hands of the Goblins during the Second Age, the Hrasha have become loyal footsoldiers of Tikal once more and have been rewarded with a role in the warrior caste.
Armor: Light Armor (1 Gold)
Weapon: Bow and Handweapon (1 Gold / 1 Iron)
Movement: Infantry (0 Gold)
Training: Militia (1 Gold, 0 gold upkeep)
Miscellanious: Scouts (2 Gold)
Total Cost: 5 Gold, 1 Iron, 0 Gold upkeep.

Unit Name Riparian Cavalry
description Mounted on massive carnosaurs, these cavalryman move nimbly through the Tikalan swamps and are known for their brutal hit and run attacks. Yet it is not the carnosaur that the most dangerous beast but the smaller riparian lizards that accompany them. Used in packs to terrify enemy cavalry or track down fleeing prey, the Riparian's are a dangerous foe.
Armor: Light Armor (1 Gold)
Weapon: Warbows (2 Gold / 1 Wood)
Movement: Light Cavalry (2 Gold)
Training: Professional (3 Gold, 1 gold upkeep)
Miscellanious: Warbeasts (3 Gold)
Total Cost: 11 Gold, 1 Wood,

Unit Name Otomi
description Once the Otomi were responsible for guarding Sotekan Emperors now they are the hand of the Priesthood . These warrior priests fanaticsm are only matched by decades of intense training that have left them exceptionally skilled in the arts of combat. They are the Wardens of Tikal the lastline of defense for the city.
Armor: Heavy Armor (3 Gold / 2 Iron)
Weapon: Polearm (2 Gold / 1 Iron)
Movement: Infantry (0 Gold)
Training: Elite (4 Gold / 2 Gold a turn upkeep)
Total Cost: 9 Gold, 3 Iron, 2 Gold a turn upkeep.

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Confederacy of Tikal  Empty Re: Confederacy of Tikal

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City: Iron
Village 1: Good Ground
Village 2: Iron Ore
Village 3: Sacred Site (Shrine to a strange god)

Hero Trait:
Tenoch - Seer: Hero has magic useful for perception and prediction. +[I][I] Espionage, +[I] Piety
Camaxtli - Courageous: bonus to resisting fear effects

Enemy Faction: Tothitch's Faithful - Lizardfolk followers of the old gods.


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