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Backstory (Read Before Applying) Empty Backstory (Read Before Applying)

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The First Sundering was an act of desperation. Beleaguered by a vicious alliance of elves and orcs, the Lizardfolk of the Sotekan civilization cast a great spell that ripped apart the veil between the divine realm and the mortal world of Allis and allowed their god to physically come to their aid. The rift lasted mere minutes, but it turned an entire continent into a wasteland and forced the Sotek emperor to enter the rift and close it from the other side. Allis could not handle the raw power of the divine realm and its inhabitants.

The Second Sundering, a hundred years later, was an act of ambition. The lizardfolk of Sotek decided to renew their shattered civilization by opening the rift and bringing back their Emperor. Despite the efforts of many on the continent they succeeded, but this time it was too much for Allis.

The rift between the divine realm and Allis began expanding, and was soon beyond the power of gods or mortals to stop. Allis, wracked by divine energy, began to slowly crumble to nothingness as it was subsumed into the Divine Realm itself.

Everyone was forced to flee - even races and civilizations on different continents who had never heard of Sotek or the Sundering could not escape the world's slow collapse. Some civilizations developed magics or machines that could open a door to another world; others were simply plucked by their gods and transported to a new realm.

This is the New World. Allis is no more. Exiled and devastated, the refugees must make their homes anew. And this time the gods are not content to sit back and wait for other mortals to destroy this refuge as well - they will take a more active hand in protecting their people.


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