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Constructs Empty Constructs

Post by Admin on Thu Apr 02, 2015 12:22 am

constructs take up a construct slot in a town or city.


A prominent temple with many priests and acolytes, where regular prayer, service and sacrifices are held in honor of your deity.
+1 Divinity/Turn
8 Gold

Great Temple
A grand temple with lavish construction that can house many people.
+2 Divinity/Turn
12 Gold, 2 Stone

Relic Shrine
A holy shrine holding a relic from some holy site.
- Provides 2 points of divine Protection for the city it is built in. May only build one for every Holy Site controlled.
10 Gold


Trade Port
A collection of docks, piers, warehouses and other facilities necessary to maintain oversea trade. May only be built in cities next to water.
+1 Sea trade route, +3 Ship Levies if district is raised.
8 Gold

Caravan House
A stopping point and exchange for caravans and their goods. Necessary to support a land trade route.
+1 Overland trade route
8 Gold

Banking House
The banking house handles the transfer of goods and money among many nationalities. It sets exchange rates, provides loans and security for traders and charges interest for services.
+1 Gold/turn for every trade route in the Banking House's City
8 Gold


An ironworks smelts and refines iron ore into usable iron.
- boost the production of a single Iron Ore settlement by +1 iron/turn. Limit one Ironworks per Iron node.
8 Gold

Mints print and issue currency for your realm.
- Boost the production of a single gold or silver settlement by +2 gold/turn. Limit one mint per gold or silver node.
8 Gold

A stoneworks cuts and shapes stones: drilling holes and preparing specialized pieces, then selling the remains to poorer folk for simple construction work.
- Boost the production of a single stone settlement by +1 stone/turn. Limit of one Stoneworks per quarry
8 Gold

Sawmills process raw lumber into usable planks and sort out different types of wood and cuts.
Boost the production of a single lumber settlement by +1 wood/turn. Limit one sawmill per lumber node.
8 Gold

These smiths turn raw gold or silver into fine jewelry instead of simple coin. The jewelry is beautifully crafted and valuable while trading.
6 Gold
-1 gold/turn
+ Luxury (jewelry)

Fishing Docks
These docks are optimized for fishing ships and have numerous salt-houses, storage facilities and merchants ready to buy and sell catches. Settlement must be on a coast or river to build.
6 Gold
+2 food/turn. +3 Ship Levies if district is raised.

City Gardens
These fertile gardens are spaced around the city or tilled in a city square. They provide a steady food supply not vulnerable to raiding or disruption.
6 Gold
+2 food/turn

(Wall Slot)

A wooden palisade and ditch around a town or district. Provides adequate defense against enemies but is vulnerable to fire and siege weapons. NOTE: walls do not consume a construct slot
8 Gold, 2 Wood

Stone Walls
Solid stone walls with intermittent towers and strong gatehouses, may have a ditch or moat depending on terrain. These provide excellent defense against most attacks. NOTE: walls do not consume a construct slot
12 Gold, 3 Stone

Great Moat
Water from a river, lake, or sea is diverted into an enormous moat twenty to thirty feet wide and too deep to ford. The inner side of the moat is defended by a wooden fence and watchtowers.
15 Gold, 2 Stone
Must be adjacent to river or water to construct.

Great Walls
Enormous stone walls of immense thickness. Towers are broad and armed with siege equipment, while gatehouses are miniature fortresses. May have a ditch or moat depending on terrain NOTE: walls do not consume a construct slot
18 Gold, 6 Stone

A large, fortified keep in the middle of the district that can house troops and provide extra defense.
12 Gold, 3 Stone
+4 Military Slots
- Stone defenses


A barracks houses troops and equipment for when they're needed.
8 Gold
+6 Military Slots

Stables for housing and caring for cavalry mounts.
- enables recruitment of Light Cavalry and Armored Cavalry unit components
6 Gold

Siege works
the siege works bolds forges and workshops necessary to construct siege weapons, as well as training facilities for the engineers who assemble and disassemble such weapons.
- Allows the recruitment of Siege Engines and use of Siege Components on ships
8 Gold

Naval Port
Naval port and facilities to construct and maintain warships. May only be built in cities border water.
8 Gold
+6 Warship Slots

Drill Square
The drill square allows for the local levies to be regularly trained in an orderly environment and stores equipment for use.
- Levies originating from the district the square is built in have Militia level training instead of Conscript, and can have up to 5 gold worth of equipment instead of 3.
6 Gold

Mustering Grounds
The Mustering Grounds provides a place to assemble soldiers and keep records of service, increasing the total number of levies that can be raised there.
- District the Mustering Grounds is located within provides 2 additional Levy units when mobilized
6 Gold

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Constructs Empty Re: Constructs

Post by Admin on Wed May 13, 2015 7:53 pm

Built on their own hexes, away from cities or villages.

A small outpost with wooden walls and basic defenses such as a ditch and spikes. Excellent for holding back raiders and surprise attacks, but will not stand up to large armies or siege weapons.
6 Gold, 1 Wood to construct
-1 Gold/Turn upkeep
Garrison: 200
+2 Military Slot

A fortress with stone walls and a center keep. The walls house barracks and other infrastructure necessary to support a strong garrison and other forces.
10 Gold, 2 Stone to construct
-2 Gold/Turn upkeep
Garrison: 500
+4 Military Slots

A great stronghold with enormous stone walls and strong towers mounted with siege weapons. A moat or ditch surrounds the walls, sometimes protected by an outer wooden palisade. Only a determined assault will take such a stronghold.
18 Gold, 6 Stone to construct
-3 Gold/Turn upkeep
Garrison: 1,000 (1 Regiment)
+3 Military Slots


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