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Heroes are the great leaders of your Faction. They are considered exemplary in every way - a Hero with no ranks is considered equal to an elite warrior, the best non-hero general, and the most able non-hero spy.

When you recruit a new Hero, they start with one rank in a skill of your choice. They can acquire further ranks and traits (which modify your ranks and add flavor) through roleplaying and action. Winning a great battle might gain a point in the General skill, while going on a quest may find a legendary weapon.

Hero Stats:

Warrior: Martial strength and skill in combat.
Increases Hero's chances of surviving danger. Greatly increases Hero's combat prowess.

General: Skill at leading battle, coordinating forces and inspiring soldiers.
Improves Morale of units under general's command. Increases chance of pulling off complex maneuvers or orders.

Governor: Your character's skill at administering settlements and trade routes.
+1 gold/turn.

Piety: Your Hero's connection to their deity and skill at divine rituals and prayers.
+1 divinity/turn

Subterfuge: Your hero's skill at spying, catching spies and all things cloak-and-dagger.
Improves chance of successful Subterfuge actions.

Example Hero:

Varric Blackfyre - The demon-in-dwarf's-flesh
[i]Formerly a great Hero of the dwarves, Varric willfully merged himself with a demon that infested an ancient axe he carried. The merger eventually destroyed him, but granted him enormous strength and power.

Warrior: [I][I][I][I]
General: [I]
Subterfuge: [I]

Rune Axe - A mythical runic axe burned with magic that can cut through the strongest armor. Provides +[I] Warrior
Demon Possessed - Varric is in fact a demon possessing a mortal body. Grants +[I][I] Warrior ranks, but requires the sacrifice of a Hero or 1 Population every 3 turns to maintain his power.
Gormachal, lord of Boars - Varric rides Gormachal, a great boar the size of a house. Extremely dangerous while mounted.

Hero Template:

[b]Hero Name[/b]
[b]Governor: [/b]



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