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Post by killer spork on Thu Jun 04, 2015 12:14 pm

For the past two decades, relations between Tikal and the remnants of the polytheists had hardly been peaceful. It had been two decades of constant and bloody border skirmishes that had left scores dead as the lizardfolk refused to accept the legitimate divinity of their Emperor. Yet through all of that, the two had shared one common foe.... the wicked Goblins of Forgehall. With the assassination of Ueman, the Tikalan's had a unique opportunity in an attempt to draw their longtime foe back into their crushing embrace. Their spiritual leader and High Priest was dead and no doubt they would be seeking revenge. What better way to facilitate that then finally burying old hatreds between the two factions of lizardfolk?

Yaretzi approached the edges of the Tothitch's territory, a small band of soldiers with him. It was obvious however that the group wasn't on some sort of military raid. The group was too small and they clearly wanted to be seen. The Golden Serpent of Sotek was held high, it was not only the banner of Tikal but of the old Imperial banner of the Empire. Next to it was a banner of truce... now how would the heritecs respond?

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