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The Kingdom of Michoacan Empty The Kingdom of Michoacan

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Point usage: 2 extra villages, with 1 having Iron.

Faction Name: The Kingdom of Michoacan
Race: Avian
Leader(s) Tariácuri II

Description: A young man, son of Tengaxuan II, and descendant of the founder of the Kingdom, Tariacuri I, his family and name is steeped with prestige, and his dutiful, yet innovative reign has so far seen the Kingdom turn from a vassal state under his father, to a flourishing lake-basin based Kingdom with a thirst for power that mirrors his own. He took the throne only a few years after the Second Sundering.

Capital Tzintzuntzan
Description: On the largest island in a lake, the city has recently flourished, building causeways and beginning construction on dikes and land expansion to allow for the city to extend into former lake territory. Spreading outwards from the island, as well as some of the other islands with fishing villages, are large farms on structures of reeds and packed earth extending from the shallow lake floor. These huge farms, called the 'floating gardens', are fantastically productive, and added to the colorful temples in the city create a beautiful clash of color. The city itself, on the largest island, is a semi-significant distance from land, and through connections of causeways brings itself to land, while at the same time being easy to defend.

Other Cities (if owned): None

Hero (Name, description and stats):
Hero Name: Mixcoatl
Brief description: An incredibly renowned, nearly legendary leader. Before the Sundering itself, he was one of the up and coming generals in the Sotekan Army. He led a defense of one of the major cities of the Sotekan Empire during the assault on the portal, using almost entirely Tzintzuntzani soldiers, and was vastly outnumbered. He led an ambitious charge, and had been on the cusp of victory when the Sundering occurred.
General: I

Deity Name: Tlaloc
Source: Sacrifice
Second Source: Strife
Bountiful/Poor Harvest
Angelic/Demonic Aid

Description: According to tradition, Tlaloc was one of the first swirling masses of the Universe, among the uncountable of his kind. He slowly gained energy, both passively, and through the creation of an early humanoid species that sacrificed to him to keep him from being diminished. He engaged in long feuds with other masses which coalesced into other Gods in these early years, while incorporating smaller consciousnesses into himself to make himself stronger and stronger. This first humanoid species was exterminated in one of these feuds in defense of Tlaloc, their bodies melting to form the metals and minerals of the world. Slowly Tlaloc became the dominant swirling mass, but without sacrifices to leech himself off of, had to content himself with being attached and minutely influencing the events of the people of Tzintzuntzan.

He became a true deity, a being that could influence the world, only a few years before the Second Sundering. His chosen people had done well, and had faithfully stuck to him, raiding other villages and acting as shock troopers to allow him not only sacrifices, but a strength gain from the spilling of blood as well. So when it came to be that the Second Sundering occurred, he grabbed them from across the world, shielding them in his swirling mass of energy. He took the great city of Tzintzuntzan, not able to take any of the other tributary, vassal states, in addition to taking the army of the great Hero General Mixcoatl, hoping he would defend the people of the Kingdom of Tzintzuntzan from more harm.

Culture: Heavily religious, extreme sacrificial beliefs due to martial culture. Sotekan architecture and some cultural themes, but a very isolated kind of culture. Ceremonial clothing involves incredible plumage, as well as obsidian weaponry and sweeping robes. Everyday clothing is a cotton tunic, or a cotton dress, with turquoise and quartz jewelry being incredibly common. Basic diets are based on a three-sister farm cycle of Corn, squash, and a type of bean that varies from region to region. Additionally, insects are considered a common dish.

History: The Kingdom of Michoacan was founded by Tariacuri centuries ago, and was an ascendant power until the rise of the Sotekan Empire. The Empire fumbled in it's war with the Sotekans, but was able to prove it's worth by inflicting massive losses on it's opponent. This led the Avian civilization to develop into a 'most-favored-son' of the Sotekan government, and especially military, for both their innate, natural skills in flying, as well as their relentless tactics when in combat. They were frequently used as shock troops, and as such gained much glory and recognition as combatants. They adopted many parts of Sotekan culture, but due to the heavily martial culture that eventually became the norm in Tzintzuntzan (As reflected in the very graphic, if simplistic, art) sacrifice became more and more prevalent. By the end of the previous age, Tzintzuntzan was sacrificing nearly ten thousand people of varying races per year, far outstripping the Sotekans more token sacrifices.

This culture, and this noble lineage, has stayed with the Kingdom of Michoacan through the Second Sundering, when Tlaloc held as many groups as could be held in his vast hands and placed them in the new world, on a lake more bountiful in game and fertility of soil than ever had been available to Tzintzuntzan before. They are ambitious, and while relatively ambivalent towards the Sotekans, still hold their martial culture to heart, while cutting it out of others.

Starting Resources: Fishing Village

Starting Location: The Kingdom of Michoacan Lzk9l111

Unit Templates:
Unit Name Mixcoatl Lifeguards
description A unit formed from the remaining personal bodyguard unit of Mixcoatl in his ambitious assault, it was expanded after the Second Sundering to eventually form the disciplined core of the army.
Armor: Heavy Armor (3 gold, 2 iron)
Weapon: Handweapon & Shield (1 gold, 1 iron)
Movement: Infantry
Training: Elite (4 gold)
Total Cost: 8 gold, 3 iron

Unit Name Tlaloc's Huntsmen
description Well armed huntsmen tasked with picking off officers of the enemy, as well as specifically targeting heavily armored enemy units to whittle them down before they break into close quarters combat with other Michoacani warriors.
Armor: Light Armor (1 gold)
Weapon: Warbow (2 Gold, 1 wood)
Movement: Infantry
Training: Professional (3 gold)
Total Cost: 6 gold, 1 wood

Unit Name Carp Warriors
description The backbone of the main armies infantry. While not able to fly, are able to hold positions while bowmen pepper the enemy from above, achieving the basis of Michoacani military doctrine; one of attrition. The name stems from a traditional way to refer to Michoacan, that is to it's long tradition of fishing.
Armor: Medium Armor (2 Gold / 1 Iron)
Weapon: Handweapon & Shield (1 gold, 1 iron)
Movement: Infantry
Training: Professional (3 gold)
Total Cost: 6 gold, 2 iron

Unit Name Tlaloc's Swords
description The backbone of the army's raiding component, working in synchronization with Tlaloc's Archers to harry enemies of Michoacan.
Armor: Light Armor (1 gold)
Weapon:  Handweapon and shield (1 Gold / 1 Iron)
Movement: Infantry
Training: Professional (3 gold)
Total Cost: 5 gold, 1 iron

Unit Name Tlaloc's Archers
description The backbone of the army's raiding component, working in synchronization with Tlaloc's Swords.
Armor: Light Armor (1 gold)
Weapon: Bow (2 gold)
Movement: Infantry
Training: Professional (3 gold)
Total Cost: 6 gold

Unit Name Home Guard
description Fast action response units, made to supplement available levies in combat.
Armor: Light Armor (1 gold)
Weapon: Bow (2 gold)
Movement: Infantry
Training: Militia (1 gold)
Total Cost: 4 gold


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The Kingdom of Michoacan Empty Re: The Kingdom of Michoacan

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Capital: Fishing Waters (+5 Food/turn)
Village 1: Fishing Waters (+5 Food/turn)
Village 2: Iron Ore
Village 3: Wood
Village 4: Stone
Village 5: Fertile Ground (+6 Food/turn OR Luxury Crop)

Hero Trait:
Mixcoatl - Centaur's Bane (+[I] Warrior rank when fighting Centaurs)


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